Roblox Hack To Get Free Robux

Right in this article we’re going to reveal the most amazing Roblox Hack 2018. We’re damn excited to tell you that we’ve got the 5 amazing Roblox Games that gives Free Robux. Isn’t sounds cool? Assume you play the game and generate thousands of free robux?

Yes! you heard it right. The list of the games we’re going to share here is so amazing which will give you free robux without survey and without being scammed by the Roblox Hack Robux Generator. These games are 100% free to join. The more you play and active within the community, the more you’ll get the Free Robux.

But what you need to be careful is don’t ever fell in the trick of those “Free Robux Roblox Hack” OR “Free Robux Generator”, out there you can find thousands of websites over the Google Search Engine or YouTube videos, Reddit sites. But don’t ever use them. 100 out of 100 sites are scam and earn money from this.

They ask you to participate in the survey in order complete the Hacking process they’ve done and to verify yourself as human because somehow their servers detects non-human behaviour. Beware from them, however once you complete the survey or install any app or subscribe for any phone service, you’ll lose your money and you’ll get nothing.

While on other hand owner of such Free Robux Website making thousands of dollars per month by fooling you. They sell the information you submit to the data companies. Not just this, most probably your Roblox account may have got hacked because so many websites ask for your passwords too or you may get ban from the Roblox game.

Think twice before accessing such websites. All we can do is to tell you about them but can’t force you to access those websites.

Now let’s begin the list .

5 Games That Gives Free Robux

Below you’ll get the list of those 5 games which actually claim to give free robux. Bookmark these games or note them out for generating thousands of Free Robux in 2018.

Donation Center (Donations)

Go to your search bar and type the “Donation Center” over it and you’ll find multiple games listed with these keywords because they’re giving away Free Robux who play their game.

Why are they giving free robux while Roblox is charging the money for it?

Well, there are plenty of rich or wealthy developers or kinds develop some games and they want the roblox user to play their game. So they giving away Free Robux through their game where you don’t have to pay anything.

Roblox Donation Center
Roblox Donation Center

“Donation Center or Donations” is just keyword to find such games. Before you start any game over, do check the amount of positive and negative like the game have got.

By this way you’ll get 100’s of games and most probably each game give you away 25 Free Robux to 500 Free Robux. Now assume you’ve bookmarked 100’s of such sites and each game gives 250 Free Robux average. Now 250 x 100 = 2500.

Wroom, now you can see how easy it is.

OBBY For Robux & Prizes

This is another but very cool method to get Free Robux. Go to your roblox account and type “Obby For Robux” over the search bar. You’ll get the list of hundreds of roblox games.

There is some peoples that make games, where you complete an Obby they’ll give you robux for free. Now be smart while selecting up the right game where you can get the best value of your time. Some obby take quite lot of time to complete and give less amount of robux while on other hands there are plenty of obby, where you spend some little time while completing it and you’ll get good amount of robux like 30, 75 and 300 free robux respectively.

Free Robux OBBY
Free Robux OBBY

Search for it and open the game description page. There, go to the description section and read how much Robux they’re giving per completion of OBBY.

There is hundreds of such OBBY For Prizes and Robux games are there. Open and play them one by one and generate thousands of Free Robux.

Some games that I use to play to collect robux are:

  1. [Giveaways] OBBY For Prizes [BC ONLY]
  2. Mega Fun OBBY
  3. Escape School OBBY
  4. Escape Roblox Waterpark OBBY
  5. Fun Easy OBBY

How this works: Well it’s quite simple. Complete an obby and once you did it, take the screenshot of that completion. Send this screenshot to the Game Owner/Developer and they’ll give you free robux.


Am I kidding? no! you read it right. But whatever you read is not exist in roblox. If you ever search for the “free robux” over there. You’ll see plenty of games listed out there without thousands of hashtags on it of the top roblox players or games so that they could be found easily.

These games aren’t going to give you a single robux but will definitely waste you time. Some kids develop their Game and they don’t know how to make it popular and how to engage peoples with their game. So they use such creepy tricks. So many of them watermarked the entire game and ask you to stay on the game for oven an hour to get the free robux. But dude there is nothing they can give.

Check their positive and negative likes. But many such games manage to get thousands of like somehow along with negative. These positive likes are generated through the dummy roblox account so basically they’re fake and those dislikes are real 😀

So, we suggest you to don’t ever stuck with those time wasting game.

Points To Robux

This is another tricky things hackers these days are developing over the Roblox Platform. Don’t ever search for the “Points to Robux” in the Roblox platform. These games are purely scam.

If you ever experienced or not, let me tell you what and why they’re doing. Points to Robux are such games where the game/developer ask you to collect 500 points to redeem and convert these points the robux. Then you start clicking on the button till it didn’t generate the 500 points (there is just a simple button where you need to click on it in order to click 10 points each time after you click).

Once you generated the 500 points and clicked on the Redeem button. The game will redirect you to the login page, where they’ll ask you to enter the your Roblox Username and Password. And if you fell into their trick, you’ll lose your account for sure. They’ll steal all your robux and freeze your Roblox account.

Think, you were looking for the Free Robux but lost own robux, lol.

By the way, Roblox has taken action against such points game but still somehow they’re around. So don’t ever visit those games.

Coming Soon


That’s all we’ve got at the moment fellas. We’ve told you 5 different roblox game that can give free robux (yes just 2 can give actually lol) which could generate thousands of free robux online legally without being scammed by the Roblox Hack Online or Roblox Robux Generator.

Don’t ever hesitate to comment below if you got any question in your mind. We always try to provide you the best information and to make yourself safe from all those scams. We really appreciate if you share your experience give us feedback on this our long work.

Hope you enjoyed the information we provided.



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