The stock market in GTA 5 runs the same as in real life. It has the same unpredictable price movements and the fluctuations are so random you will lose money in no time if you are not careful while investing.

Investment tips to get huge returns on GTA 5 stock market

In this guide on How to make millions in Grand Theft Auto V by playing the GTA 5 stock market, we are going to give you tips and methods to manipulate the GTA 5 stock market so that your investments always results in profits

GTA 5 Stock Market Hack

Understand the Stock market

LCN and BAWSAQ are the two stock markets in Grand Theft Auto 5. While LCN is directly affected by the in-game events BAWSAQ, on the other hand, is influenced by the collective actions of all the GTA 5 community members.

Now your focus should be on the LCN market as you will be able to manipulate it through your actions in the game. Whenever you cause anything bad in the game, the price on the stock market will drop. That is the key here, make the bad things happen. Got it! No? Don’t worry just follow our GTA 5 stock market guide and see your investments doubles and triples in no time.


Make money on GTA 5 stock market by carrying out the assassination missions.

You can manipulate the stock market in GTA 5 to your advantage and earn millions in GTA 5 money by carrying out the assassination missions.

This basically lets you damage the stock price of one company so the price of its rival company rises. You can use these stock market manipulations to rake in big profit.

Below we have listed all the assassination missions and the action you should take to earn maximum in GTA 5 money.

#1 The Hotel Assassination Mission

The first assassination mission that you get from Lester is the  Hotel Assassination mission. By completing this mission you can manipulate the stock price of Betta Pharmaceuticals (BET) and Bilkington (BIL).

As the share price of Bilkington tank down, Betta Pharmaceuticals’ price will rise up. That is the opportunity for you to catch.

Steps you should follow while doing “Hotel Assassination Mission” :-

  • Before starting the mission invest with all your characters in Betta Pharmaceuticals.
  • The stock price of Betta Pharmaceuticals peaks at around 80% so wait until the rise, and then sell all the stocks of Betta Pharmaceuticals.
  • Now when you complete the mission stock price of Bilkington will hit the bottom so that’s when you should buy them.
  • Wait until you think that you will get the maximum profit as the price return to normal, sell all the stock of Bilkington.

#2 The Legal Trouble Mission

The stock price of FlyUS will hit the rock when you complete the Legal Trouble mission. Although the stock price of its rival AirEmu will rise up. The situation will remain so until you complete the meltdown mission, after which the prices will return to their original value.

Steps you should follow in “Legal Trouble Mission” :-

  • Before the start of the legal trouble mission invest in the stocks of AirEmu.
  • Wait until the prices have reached the maximum and all the effect due to the Legal Trouble Mission have taken place, sell all the AirEmu shares and purchase FlyUS stocks.
  • Complete the Meltdown mission and when you think you have gained the maximum profit sell all the FlyUS stocks.

#3 The Redwood Assassination Mission

By carrying out this assassination mission from Lester you will be damaging the share price of Redwood Cigarettes (RWC) and in the process helping its rival’s Debonire on the LCN stock market to reach the peak.

Steps you should follow in “Redwood Assassination Mission” :-

  • Invest in Debonire cigarettes before the start of the mission as their price will be going up as you complete the mission.
  • Debonair peaks at around 80% so wait till it reaches that level then sell it and invest in Redwood Cigarettes whose stock price will be licking the ground by now.
  • Wait till the market rebound and it will take some time, but the profit is worth the wait. Your investment will be tripled.

#4 The Vice Assassination Mission

You will be damaging the price of Façade (FAC) in order to lift up the price of Fruit (FRT) on the BAWSAQ market by carrying out this assassination mission.

Steps you should follow in “Vice Assassination Mission” :-

  • Before attempting the mission, invest in Fruit (FRT) stocks.
  • Now wait as the market peaks around 50%, then sell all the stock of Fruit (FRT) and invest in the stocks of Façade (FAC), all the money that you have earned from the investment in Fruit (FRT) shares.
  • As the market has plummeted due to your assassination mission wait for it to rebound, then sell all the stock you are holding. This investment will bring you about a 30% return on Investment.

#5 The Bus Assassination mission

This is the fourth assassination mission from Lester and it will let you tank down the stock price of Vapid (VAP) on the BAWSAQ market.

As Vapid don’t have any rivals so there will be no pre-mission buying.

Steps you should follow in “Bus Assassination Mission” :-

  • After completing the mission wait as the market is hit by this assassination and the share price of Vapid (VAP) deflates completely, then buy as many Vapid stocks as you can.
  • Now you wait till the market rebound and you get 100% return on your investment.

#6 The Construction Assassination Mission

The aim of this mission is not to plummet the price of any stock, but to get back business of GoldCoasts Company from another rival construction firm.

This will raise the price of GoldCoasts stocks and you will get the opportunity to rake profit from this event.

Steps you should follow while doing “Construction Assassination Mission” :-

  • Before the mission invest in GoldCoast stocks.
  • After you have carried out the mission wait as the price of GoldCoast stock peaks at around 80%, then sell them to cash the profit.

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Guide To Complete Tinkle mission In GTA 5

This is not actually manipulating the stock market but more of like insider information. This is a random event in the game north of the highway.

You have to drop a hitchhiker at the airport. You will be paid by him and he will also advise you to invest in the stock of a company named Tinkel.

Now if you invest in Tinkle at this point and wait for some time the stock will usually give you a 30% return on your investment.

Make money on GTA 5 stock market by causing chaos

The idea behind this method is that every action of yours has an impact on the stock market in GTA 5.

What you can do is determine any vehicle of your liking or a plane of a particular manufacturer. When done just go on the rampage of destroying every single vehicle or shooting down any plane of that particular company that you get your eyes upon.

This will cause the stock price of that company to fall. Now invest in that company when the share prices are lowest.

Next go on the rampage again but this time your target is every other vehicles and plane expect the company you have invested in.

This will take some effort but eventually, you will be able to raise the stock price of the company you have invested because of the destruction you have caused to the other manufacturers.

Now, this method is somewhat debatable, but those who love action and want an excuse to cause havoc in Grand Theft Auto V, then they will love this method as it is also providing them the opportunity to make money out of this. So go on try this method too and who knows you may double or triple your investment on GTA 5 stock market.

Make Profit From Merryweather Investment

For this, you have to wait until the game ends. All the chaos and destruction you have caused will have a very damaging effect on Merryweather’s stock price and they will deflate when the game end, particularly so if you have chosen ‘The Third Way’.

You have the opportunity right there. Invest your money in Merryweather stocks and wait and watch as your investment gives a big return.

Make Money Through High-Frequency Stock Trading

This method is a little riskier but can give you a big return if you have a lot of money to invest. For this, it is recommended that you try this after completing all of Lester’s assassination missions.

Tips & Tricks For “High Frequency Stock Trading” :-

  • On the LCN market buy the stock at the cheapest price and save your game immediately. Stock prices refresh every 45 seconds so you have to save immediately.
  • Pretending to buy more check the price of the stock you have invested. If you stay on the purchase more stock page, the price will keep on refreshing for you constantly.
  • If the price goes up, save the game and repeat the above step once again. If the price goes down start your game from the initial save and try again.

This could be a little annoying but can really give you big returns as you have invested big amount into it.

Now stock prices are not going to skyrocket, but even a few cents increase can add up to huge profit as you have bought cheap and have a lot of money riding on it.

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Investing in GTA 5 stock market can give you huge returns if you know the tricks, have patience and invested in the right stocks at the right time.

After each assassination mission don’t rush, just wait till the things settled down and the market has rebounded completely before you sell out your stocks and cash the profits.

That’s all then from our How to make millions in Grand Theft Auto V by playing the GTA 5 stock market guide. Please give your valuable feedbacks and leave comments in the comments section. We really appreciate our reader’s participation.



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