GTA 5 Heists: Action Packed missions to get millions of Free GTA 5 Money

In this guide we are going to detail GTA 5 single player heists. And as a bonus we are also going to explain how you can earn maximum possible payout in each heist.

GTA 5 single player money heists are stand-alone story missions.

Each mission provides a new challenge and requires careful planning, preparation, execution and perfect combination of crew members.

If you successfully complete the heist, you can earn millions of free GTA 5 Money. Now payout varies and depends upon how perfectly you complete heists in GTA 5.

That’s why this guide. We are going to give you complete information for best crew and best approach to complete each GTA 5 single player money Heists and get the maximum possible payout.

GTA 5 Heists

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A brief overview of GTA 5

It will be safe to say that no other game has such a huge impact on the gaming industry then GTA 5 series.

It has completely revolutionized the gaming industry and boasts the largest fan base.

GTA 5 is the latest addition in the already popular GTA series and deploys the same open world story. Hundreds of hours of fun and action-packed content, new and tough missions, collectibles and thrill.

The game has improved graphics and is available on all the major gaming platforms including PS4, XBOX One and PC.

For the uninitiated ones, who haven’t played the game yet, GTA 5 has broken all the sales record. If this isn’t the game you shouldn’t pick then we don’t know what else you should play.

GTA 5 money heists (single player)

  1. The Jewel Store Job
  2. The Merryweather Heist
  3. The Paleto Score
  4. The Bureau Raid
  5. The Big Score

GTA 5 Heist #1: The Jewel Store Job

Best Approach:  Choose Option B the Smart Way
Crew combination:

Hacker – Rickie Lukens

The gunman – Packie Mcreary

Driver – Karim Denz

Your take: Just under $5 million

You have to rob Vangelico’s Fine and expensive Jewelry and escape from the crime scene through underground tunnels and the river.

To get a gold score for this mission you need to collect all the loot in under 50 seconds’

The Jewel Store Job

The Jewel Store Job is the first heists in GTA 5 you may consider attempting. As a hacker, Rickie Lukens gives you enough time to grab all the jewelry in the store. Having a better hacker gives you just enough time that you need.

Now Packie and Gustavo Mota have the same level of skills sets but Packie is a far better choice than Gustavo Mota as your gunman, as he costs 2% less.

But you have to unlock him to include in the crew.

To unlock Packie as a crew member, you have to complete a side mission and assist him in his random event. He will be robbing a store near Franklin’s house and will need a getaway driver. You have to assist him in the escape.

We do not recommend using Norm as the gunman. If he is used as a gunman, he’ll crash during the getaway, and you will lose his portion of the take. But it can also benefit you if you can pick his dropped bag by driving over it you can get all his money. It depends on your skills so only attempt if you have that kind of skills.

Karim, some may consider is not a good option for the driver as it will make the chase sequence a little bit harder because rather than dirt bikes you have to ride street bikes through the dirt.

It does not have any impact on your take though but will be a cheaper option than Eddie Toh who would cost 6% more.

A little tip: Go for the jewelry boxes at the center first as these are the most expensive one. Losing any of the boxes at the center will cause a considerable dent in the earning.

GTA 5 Heist #2: The Merryweather Heist

Your take: 0$

In this GTA 5 heist, you have to Steal a nuclear warhead guarded by Merryweather and neutralize any resistance whatsoever.

In this heist, you will not make any money no matter what way you choose to carry out the heist.

You may consider going with the offshore option for this heist. Completing this heist you will be rewarded a submersible and Cargbob at the Sandy Shores.

The Merryweather Heist

GTA 5 Heist #3: The Paleto Score

Approach: There is no particular approach for this heist.
Crew: Gunman
– Packie Mcreary (recommended) or Chef

Your Take: Just over $ 8 million.

You have to rob Blaine County Savings Banks and then take the stand and hold off the police and even military resistance.

For this heist, the new catch is that whenever you or your crew is hit on the back you will lose money. You start with the Score of $8,016,020. Also, you are given the choice of taking only one crew member and that is a gunman.

You can choose anyone one from Packie McReary and Chef; both are 2% cheaper then Gustavo Mota. But if you have used Packie McReary for your first heist, The Jewel Store Job, then we recommend you to choose him for this job as well, for his stats will be up from the previous heist.

Don’t take anyone else as it will cause you to lose a significant amount of money in the form of causality because all of them will die during the escape.

Now you don’t lose health when you are hit. Instead, you lose money. So employ every bit of your skills to not get hit while escaping and you will be rewarded with the maximum payout.

The Paleto Score

GTA 5 Heist #4: The Bureau Raid

Approach: You should choose Option B (Roof Entry)
Crew Members:

 Hacker – Rickie Lukens,

Gunman – Norm Richards,

Driver – Taliana Martinez (recommended) or Karim Denz

Your Cut – Michael won’t be getting anything and Franklin will receive around $240K.

‘To get gold you have to use only pistol and get 20 headshots’

You have to infiltrate the FIB building, destroy or recover Haines data and then of course escape.

Having a better-skilled hacker will have no impact in this heist so take Rickie Lukens as your hacker.

Norm Richards does the job well as gunman so there is no need to bring anyone more skilled.

As for the driver, Taliana Martinez is your best bet. She will cost you 9 % lower than Eddie Toh’s. But you have to unlock her first. You will find her alongside the freeway in the northeast as a random encounter. You have to derive her to Sandy Shores in time to save her life or she will die.

She will help you to completely avoid the police as she will be waiting inside an ambulance for you.

As for option ‘A,’ there is no significant decrease in the amount of money earned, but Norm will die during the chase and you definitely want him for the last heist where he will save you a lot of money.

The Bureau Raid

GTA 5 Heist #5: The Big Score

Approach:  You should choose option B to better your chance of earning $41,664,000 for each character.

Driver #1 (Helicopter) – Taliana Martinez

Driver #2 (Train) – Karim Denz

Gunman #1 – Cheapest gunman

Gunman #2 – Cheapest gunman again (they have no impact on the outcome of the heist so cheaper is better)

Your take: Each character gets just about $41 million.

You have to steal gold from the Union Depository then take on the heavy resistance from both LSPD and Merryweather combined, hold them off and escape.

This is the final job that you were preparing for from the start. It will earn you so much money that you will be able to buy anything in Los Santos.

Taliana Martinez as your first driver is just the right choice. She will fly the helicopter just fine and will take 5% less money.

Karim Denz is best as your second driver. He derives the train well.

As far as the gunmen are concerned you can choose the cheapest option as they don’t have much impact on the heist.

Now for option ‘A’, the maximum amount each character get is $34,892,000 which is way less than option ‘B’. That’s why option B is the obvious choice.

Anyway, Taliana Martinez and Karim Denz are best as your first and second driver. No need to choose anyone other than them.

Packie McReary or Chef is just fine as your first gunman but for your second gunman, you should choose Norm. He will save you a lot of money.

The Big Score

GTA 5 Tips and Tricks

  • Do not carry out any assassination missions before completing the final single-player heists. This will ensure that each of the character has a butt load of money.
  • Free roaming is the essence of GTA series. Don’t consider it a secondary act. Do indulge in random conversations, complete side missions. They are in plenty.
  • Changing characters regularly while playing campaign mode is actually quite rewarding in GTA 5. Different events only work with different characters. So Franklin, Trevor, and Michel, all should be in action at regular interval.

Final summary

GTA games have most certainly taken the industry on rage. Careful planning and perfect execution with the right crew is necessary to complete each heist in GTA 5. You can approach each GTA 5 Heists with any combination of crew and option possible but if you follow the approach we have mentioned in this GTA 5 Heists guide it will certainly get the maximum possible payout. So buckle on the ride. Gather your crew, plan the heists, plunge into action and fill your pockets with millions of Free GTA 5 Money.


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