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Stuck with the low amount of V Bucks? Don’t worry, we’ve got the best Free V Bucks Hack for you. In this website we’ll tell you how you can easily generate thousands of Free Fortnite V Bucks on daily basis. All you need to follow the very simple steps as given.

Many sites out there are asking you to complete an human verification in order to get the Free V-BUCKS online 2018. But here we’re not going to do the same, since we’re the legit site.

Here we’re going to share the multiples methods of generating free V Bucks without human verification or survey.

The guide and tricks we’re going to share here contains method like making V Bucks from Daily Quests or earning V Bucks from Battle Pass in Battle Royale etc,. which are best way to generate thousands of free v bucks legally without any Hack or Generator online which are generally nothing but scam.

Free V Bucks and Fortnite Hack


Fortnite: Fortnite is a co-op sandbox survival game developed and published by Epic Games. Fortnite is set in contemporary Earth, where the sudden appearance of a worldwide storm causes 98% of the world’s population to disappear, and zombie-like creatures rise to attack the remainder.

Fortnite has up to four players cooperating on various missions on randomly-generated maps to collect resources, build fortifications around defensive objectives that are meant to help fight the storm and protect survivors, and construct weapons and traps to engage in combat with waves of these creatures that attempt to destroy the objectives. (Source:

V-Bucks: V-Bucks short for Vindertech Bucks or Vinderbucks, are an in-game currency. They are used for purchasing items from the in-game Vindertech Store, or to purchase cosmetic items and the Premium Battle Pass in Battle Royale.


You may have GOOGLE’d queries such like Free V Bucks, Fortnite Hack, V Bucks Hack or Generator Online 2018, blah blah blah and have got thousands of websites over there or got many videos at Youtube or Dailymotion related to your query.

V Bucks Hack Fake Generator Online
V Bucks Hack Fake Generator Online

We believe many of you already victim of those fake V Bucks generator and got scammed already.

However, if you’re not, then pay attention to this section and read very carefully. Because those fake V Bucks Hack can cause your ‘Fortnite account banned or blocked‘ if you fell into the trap.

First of all, there nothing such a Free vbucks Generator or V Bucks Hack Tool Online. They’re all just fake websites scam and fraud who earn money by fooling their readers. For your accommodation, here are some facts we’ve pointed out and we believe you should know about them. No matter if it is about the Free V Bucks Or Free Robux or Free Coins, all those websites are same. None any website are going to get your resources but most probably you may have lost your origin ID or account.


Most of the FORTNITE V BUCKS GENERATOR websites out there are try to assure you that somehow their developers managed to hack into the FORTNITE Database, and therefore they can obtain the unlimited free v-bucks in Battle Royale game.

Let’s assume if it can be possible, giant gaming company such like Epic Games can retrieve their servers within 1 or 2 hours max and they will be notifies just after few minutes of getting hacked the legit users who actually spends lot money on the game will start complaining.


Usually, these very attractive but fake V-Bucks Generators ask to “COMPLETE A SURVEY” in order to “PROVE YOU ARE A HUMAN NOT BOT” and they also start using the fake survey “Captcha Verification” and once you engage with their survey and completing it you’ll get nothing but most probably you may have lost some money in it.

The only motive behind all these fake generator sites is to make $0.25 – $25 whenever you complete an offer/survey.

And once you complete the survey or bought anything or subscribed in your mobile phone, they’ll redirect you to the fake guide links and malware websites where you’ll realize that they’ve make you fool.

Fake V Bucks Generator Screenshot
Fake V Bucks Generator Screenshot


According to the Google Search Policies all those site are not deserved to be on their search engine and the video over YT too. They’ve taken the big action already on all those sites and videos. Since most of the site (around 99% sites) are already penalised by Google, this is why you can’t find the direct link to those fake generator through the google search engine.

These sites are 100% fake and utterly illegal which are violating the law of information in many countries by providing the fake information.

These are nothing but scam and illegal websites, they make very good looking webpage where to make you fool. As usual they pretend that they are underground black hat developers and somehow their developers have manage to hack into the Database of Fortnite and now they can generate millions of free V Bucks and it is open for all.


Below we’re going to share you 9 amazing Fortnite Hacks and Tricks from which you can obtain thousands of Free V Bucks online without being scammed from such site like Fortnite Hack For Free V Bucks Online. As explained already, there is no such hack, cheat, generator or adder is been exist in this world! So all we can is beware from those Fake and Scam sites.


PointsPrizes: PointsPrizes (.) Com is a great Fortnite V Bucks hack we recommend to our readers. The website recommend you to use is 100% legal and genuine which offers you the best ways to earn free V Bucks online.

Free Robux - PointsPrizes
Free Robux – PointsPrizes

PointsPrizes is an independent platform where you can earn Free V Bucks by doing some small tasks. They’s all you to participate in survey, signing up the email newsletter of various companies. Moreover, if you want to earn few extra Free V Bucks, you can also download the featured apps, games and much more.

You will get tasks like filling a survey form, signing up your email for newsletters of various companies. Moreover, if you want to earn a few extra Free V-Bucks, you can also download the featured apps, games and much more.

In exchange of all these stuff, you’ll earn specific points which you can trade in for Gift Cards, Steam Wallets Codes, PSN Codes and most evidently, Free Fortnite V Bucks.

Invite your friends to join PointsPrizes and earn 10% commission of they will earn from the website offers. There are hundreds of genuine reviews on the website claiming to receive the amounts as promised.


Completing the daily quests is also a great way to earn free v-bucks for fortnite. Like so many games, Fortnite – Battle Royale also let you earn free v bucks which help you to stay in the game.

Daily Quests can get you 50-100 V-Bucks and 100 Daily Coins. Daily Quests can be rarely done on a single mission. You will automatically get an Daily Quest every day after completing the training session. You’ll get just one task in a day so if you skip any quest, they’ll not grant you the same but one once in a day.

Daily Destroy Quest: Daily Destroy Quests are enforceable by your Battle Royale Mates. Letting your teammates know while the beginning of the mission to destroy all the TVs, it’ll help you to complete the Daily Destroy Quest. When you see an yellow outline over you Daily Destro Quest objects as well as yellow call mark at the minimap when you or your teammates are nearby. Go to the instructed area, avoid the forest and grassland areas because these places got very less objects. You can preview the object before you destroy by choosing the Daily Quest and pressing “Replay Intro”.

Daily Discovery Quests: Explore the area in order to find the specific locations. You’ll have to enter the location by yourself because they’ll not count the location found by your teammate.

Husk Extermination Quests: In Husk Extermination Quests you’ll have to kill the husks or hit them before the kill. You will progress on your Husk Extermination Quest if you or your teammate finishes the husk of any type or the mist monster you have damaged.

Fortnite Daily Quests
Fortnite Daily Quests


Main Questline introduces the Storm Shield Defense missions with every every 10th quest you’ll receive 100 free V Bucks and Skill Points as the reward. This missions also reward you with Hero Experience and Mini Llamas.

As stated Storm Shield Defense missions get you the Free V Buck as an reward, this will also help you to unlock the new regions and expand your Storm Shields as you progress. After each successful completion of the Storm Shield Mission, your Storm Shield will expand and reveal more mission points. You’ll also able to receive the challenges and Side Quests which grant you the Free V-Bucks, each region features 4 additional Storm Shield Defense missions as Side Quests. Unlocking new areas improve the chances of finding Free V-Buck reward Timed Missions.

Main Questline
Main Questline


Daily Rewards are known as the Daily Login Rewards, which mean each time you login once in a day to the Fortnite you’ll get the reward of some free v bucks. The amount of free v bucks depends on the days and time you’ve been playing. For example, you’ll get 1000 Free V-Bucks reward on login day 336 and 800 free v bucks reward on the login day 112 and 224 respectively. But the Fortnite’s Battle Royale does not feature Daily Login Rewards as well.

This isn’t it, daily logins rewards are not just limited with free V Buck, but you’ll also get some great rewards including Legendary Heroes, Legendary Hero, Survivor Transform Keys etc,. Moreover, login rewards have their upgrades to Llamas once a week.

TIP: Always remember to login once in a day to make the V-Buck rewarded days faster.

Daily Rewards
Daily Rewards


In the Collection Book you expend in-game stuff (weapon/trap), heroes, survivors and defenders in order to put the into your collection. Each item can be put once and it will indicate your Collection Book some experience on rarity and level of the item basis. Expend heroes can level up your Collection Book faster than anything. There is a bunty up to level 350.

List of all Collection Book levels which grant Free V Bucks as the reward.

6 500
26 500
91 500

TIP: We don’t advice you to put any Epic or Legendry items to your Collection Book because you’ll need them later for the Legendry Transform Keys and if you put them in Collection Book you can’t make use of it.

Collection Book - Fortnite Battle Royale
Collection Book – Fortnite Battle Royale

Earn Free V Bucks From TIMED MISSIONS

These Timed Missions are Fortnite featured which can get you some bonus rewards like the Transform Keys, schematics, evolution materials, experience, perk resources or Free V-Bucks. You can claim the reward after the completion of Every Timed Mission. These Timed Missions can be found on the map which are marked with a sign of clock and these missions rotate once in every 6 hours. There are some kind of Timed Missions but Mini-Boss missions particularly can reward you with the free V-Bucks and Legendary Transform Keys. These Mini-Boss missions are also known as Mini-Boss Mission Alerts or just Mission Alerts.

Timed Missions
Timed Missions


Buying in-game currency is always been good because by this way you can also show the love and supports towards the developers of this game who build this amazing game. Not everyone can effort but when you can, go with it.

There always been seasonal offers you can receive once in a week like most of the games out there, where you can buy the big amount of V Bucks in a very low price. Keep eye on those offers and if you feel you’ve got the 50% discount or more, we suggest you to buy them in such very cheap amount.

V Bucks Rate Chart
V Bucks Rate Chart


If you’ve got some V-Bucks on your account already and enough to buy the Battle Pass. We suggest you to go with it. Each Battle Pass comes with some kind of special bonus reward and good amount of free V Bucks for sure as well. There are currently 2 passes worked out, Free Pass and Battle Pass.

The Battle Pass is a premium kind of pass, which costs you 950 V-Bucks. You can buy a bundle of 1,000 V-Bucks for around £8 / $10, or earn V-Bucks in game through a variety of activities.

Since the Fortnite reached the end of Season 3 on 30th April, and started a new one – Fortnite – Season 4 – on 1st May.

List of the the Season 4 rewards:

  • 1300 V-Bucks
  • 20 Sprays
  • Five outfits
  • Five Skyriding Trails
  • Five emotes
  • Four pickaxes
  • Three gliders
  • Two Back Blings
Battle Pass - Season 4
Battle Pass – Season 4


At Free V Bucks Hack From WITHOUTSURVEYVERIFICATION, our motive is to collect every kind of information, methods, tricks, guides, hacks and cheats related to the Fortnite – Battle Royale which can help our readers and gamers to earn free V-BUCKS from the legitimate way.

We believe that V-BUCKS is essential to having a good Fortnite gaming experience, and we wish to bring this experience to everyone

Free V Bucks Fortnite Battle Royale
Free V Bucks Fortnite Battle Royale

In order to provide you the hacks for fortnite, we continuously are working and trying to figuring out all the ways for earning free V Bucks. We do not sell or offer VBUCKS from our side or on the website in exchange for money. We simply provide genuine and working methods to help you out.


So, this is all about the Fortnite & Battle Royale Hacks we’ve got so far and how to get the free V BUCKS With 100% working ways without any cheat, scam, or hack. If you have any query or doubt regarding the methods, you can contact us anytime.

Also, we always appreciate and welcomed new ideas, so if you’ve got any such interesting trick related to the popular game such like Fortnite. We’ll give you the chance of share your thoughts here or most probably if you got the balls, we’ll allow you to write by yourself 🙂 . And YES, beware of all these scam Generator websites that fool you for free Fortnite V Bucks hack. Remember to keep playing Fortnite.


    • As written above in the long article for generating free v bucks in fortnite. Please read each method carefully and you’ll have the amount of free V-Bucks within few days or hours may be. There is no skyrocket science for it until you don’t make any effort.

    • As written above in the long article for generating free v bucks in fortnite. Please read each method carefully and you’ll have the amount of free V-Bucks within few days or hours may be. There is no skyrocket science for it until you don’t make any effort.

    • Hello Brandon, I understand your situation. Please feel free to read out the entire methods we’ve shared. If you’re looking for some kind of generator or skyrocket thing so beware…. there is no such thing exist

    • Hello James, kindly read the entire guide carefully in order to obtain free v bucks. There is no any hacking things exist which could generate the free v bucks.

      Regards Admin


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