6 Best Proven Hacks To Get Free Steam Wallet Codes

If you are a gamer you sure have searched for the Free Steam Wallet Codes or Free Steam Wallet Codes Generator or most probably Steam Wallet Codes Hack Online. But ended up after losing some money on fake websites such like jeuxvideo etc,. Because no such thing can get you the Free Steam Wallet Codes.

Either you buy the game without any coupon code or gift card or find some trick to get Free Steam Wallet Codes.

Now, in this guide we’re going to tell you the best methods of generating free steam wallet codes without survey. Earning Free Steam Gift Card is easy, all you need to do is invest your free time in following the methods that I am going to share in this post.

If you are a gamer and wanted to play those expensive Steam Games without spending a dime, then you have most certainly scoured the internet to find ways to get free steam wallet codes.

Now, what to do? Well, we tell you a secret; we are a team of gamers too and we have spent countless hours on the internet to find legitimate working methods to get free steam wallet codes and guess what, we have found few totally legitimate and genuine working Free Steam Wallet Codes Hack through which you can get those steam wallet codes for 100% free for sure. We have listed below these methods in detail.

Free Steam Wallet Codes - Gift Card
Free Steam Wallet Codes Online No Survey

What Is Steam Wallet & Free Steam Wallet Codes?

Whenever you add some money to your Wallet, the amount is ‘pre-loaded’ which means that you don’t have to add the payment details again & again for every transaction. Adding money to the wallet is similar to purchasing through Amazon.

Now, Steam also has their Steam Wallet Gift Cards (just like the Google Play or iTunes Gift Cards) worth $5, $10, $20, etc. which you can use to gift or purchase games in the marketplace.

You can also purchase these Gift Cards online from different sites and use them to redeem balance in your Steam Wallet.

Read & Follow each method of obtaining Free Steam Wallet Codes Online and you will have your free steam wallet code in no time.

Method #1: Free Steam Wallet Codes & Swagbucks

Undoubtedly the king of the Reward-Point system, Swagbucks is ruling the category for nearly a decade. If you want to get free steam wallet codes Swagbucks website should be your first stop.

Now Swagbucks directly does not give you steam wallet code. It rewards you with points or swag in their terms for completing, certain very simple task, like searching the internet, watching the videos online, referrals and invites to friends. You can exchange these swags or reward point for steam wallet codes. Easy!

Now let’s take a deeper look at how you can earn these swags or reward points on Swagbucks.

  • Watch online videos

Online and doing your work, or playing game, just let the Swagbucks’ videos run in the background.

Swagbucks even have specifically designed apps for watching these videos. You can still be earning swags while on the go through the apps.

Watching videos will let you earn near about 10 swags. What! Doesn’t sound much? Relax you are earning them by doing nothing.

  • Referrals and invite to your friends

In this age of informational Technology who doesn’t have an account on a couple of social media websites. Why not put these account to work. Let them earn some swags for you by using them for referrals and friends’ invite.

If you own a website or a blog or a YouTube channel you can put the referrals link on them and your visitors will help you earn a decent amount of swags in no time.

How it works: when you’re friends or your website’s visitor click on the link and sign up, you will get 10% of whatever swags they earn through Swagbucks for a lifetime. Easy passive swags!

  • Earn swags by surfing the internet

Swagbucks lets you earn the swags by surfing the internet through Swagbucks’ own search engine. You could easily earn 5 to 100 swags. Mind you, Swagbucks’ search engine is not as fast and efficient as Google, but it’s pretty decent in its own accord.

Method #2: PointPrizes & Free Steam Gift Card

PointsPrizes is free to use website that rewards you for completing small tasks likes playing games, answering surveys, visiting a website etc. You have to earn 3,000 points for getting a free 20$ steam gift card.

  • So what’s the catch?

PointPrizes website works on the same model of Rewards and Points as Swagbucks. You have to complete some task featured on the website like submitting an email, completing surveys, signing up for the newsletters and many other tasks and in return you are rewarded points. When you have enough points you can exchange them for steam wallet code.

  • How to earn at PointsPrizes?

All you have to do is enter your email in order to become a member of PointsPrizes. After that, you will be provided with numerous surveys and tasks that you can complete to earn points. The amount of points that you will earn by completing a task is written below each task. Just click on the task you want to complete and after completion points will be added to your balance.

By referring your friends to join PointsPrizes you can get 10% share of their total earnings at PointsPrizes. All you have to do is share your referral link with your friends and ask them to join PointsPrizes.

You also get Bonus Points just for attempting to complete the surveys. But you can earn from Bonus points only at the starting.

You can also redeem coupons through which you can earn up to 500 points for absolutely free! Some of the coupons that you can use right now to earn 500 points are: –


  • Do I have to download anything?

The answer is no. Point Prizes does not compel you to download or install anything.

They never ask for any personal information, bank details or credit card information.

You just have to register on their websites. Choose the task of your liking, complete it and earn your reward point.

Easy, Safe and completely Legal!

Method #3: Using AppNana To Get Steam Wallet Gift Card

AppNana is a mobile application on which you have to complete surveys, watch videos, try new apps etc. to earn your reward points. It is fairly simple to use and is a completely legitimate way of earning a free steam gift card.


  • How to earn with AppNana?

First of all, you have to download AppNana from their website or from PlayStore/App Store depending on your OS. After downloading the app you have to register with your e-mail ID (Use your primary E-mail ID). Now, all you have to do is start signing up for offers, watch videos or download new apps and try them for 30-40 seconds. By doing all this you will earn reward points called Nanas. 10,000 free Nanas will be deposited in your account after signing up on AppNana. Keep earning Nanas to reach your goal of getting a free 20$ steam gift card.

You can also earn extra 2500 Nanas by inviting your friend through your referral link. Your friend will also get free 2500 Nanas for signing up with your referral link.

Method #4: Download AppZone Apps For Free Steam Wallet Codes

With AppZone you can earn a free steam gift card and numerous other gift cards just by trying new apps and games on your mobile. With AppZone you can earn from 5$ to 25$ easily every month.

  • How to earn with AppZone?

Download the AppZone app from PlayStore or App Store and register for a new account. After registering all you have to do is download games and start playing them. The best and the unique thing about AppZone is that you not only get reward points for downloading games, you also get more reward points when you continue to play the games or app. Keep playing, keep earning! As soon as you earn 10$ you can redeem them for a Steam Gift Card. Easy and fun to follow trick that gets you your free steam gift card.

Method #5: Browse Cinchbucks & Generate Free Code

Cinchbucks was launced in 2014 and since then it has become a really popular site for gamers to earn a free steam giftcard. It is pretty similar to Swagbucks as here also you get to earn reward points for completing surveys and doing small tasks. You can then redeem these reward points for the gift card of your choice.

How to earn with Cinchbucks?

Go to cinchbucks.com and sign up for a new account. You will be sent a verification mail to your e-mail address. Verify your account and start completing surveys, watch videos and complete offers to start earning. The only problem with cinchbucks is that the surveys are geographically targeted. So, there are more surveys for western countries than asian ones. You can not only earn a free steam gift card from Cinchbucks but you can also earn Payza and Paypal gift cards too.

You can also earn reward points by referring your friends to join Cinchbucks. If one of your friends joins Cinchbucks using your referral link then you get to earn a 10% share of their earnings without any maximum limit. To get your referral link go to homepage, click on Refer & Earn. Now post this referral link on facebook groups, share with your friends, post on twitter or make a blog suggesting your visitors to join cinchbucks through your referral link.

Method #6: Sweepstakes or Giveaway sites

Many giveaway websites regularly organize digital giveaways. The reason could be anything from user traction to customer acquisition or increasing the subscriber base.

But be very cautious while taking part in any giveaways. Your excitement to get free steam wallet code may easily get you spammed as most of these giveaway sites are bogus and fraud and they are only there to con you and get your personal details or trick you for financial frauds. That’s why we do not personally recommend taking part in any giveaways.

Now for the committed ones let dig in deeper on how to find some genuine giveaway sites:

First thing first just go to Google search and enter your query for giveaway websites related to steam wallet codes or free gift cards. Go through the top result and open all the websites.

Look for whether or not they are asking for any personal, bank or credit card details to take part in giveaways. If the answer is ‘yes’ leave the site immediately.

You can use advanced search operators to narrow down your search queries to specific terms. An example could be “gift cards giveaways”.

This will refine the search to only that results having the specific term gift cards giveaways.

With a little bit of patience, a tad bit of luck and by following the above-mentioned steps, you may find genuine giveaway websites, and who knows you may also end up winning the giveaway.

Now as we have already mentioned above, we spend quite a lot of time on the internet, so for the sake of our readers we have found some genuine giveaway websites which are listed below:

  • sweepsadvantage.com
  • giveawaybase.com
  • loottracker.com
  • www.gamephd.com/steam-wallet-codes-giveaway

How to redeem Steam Gift Card?

Okay, so after earning your free steam gift card by following the methods provided above you will like to redeem it and buy the game you wanted for so long. So, let’s look at how you can do it!

  1. Click here to open Steam on your browser.
  2. Log in with your account credentials.
  3. After you are logged in, go to your Account Details section.
  4. Click on “Add Funds to your Steam Wallet” link.
  5. You will see a space provided for entering the Steam Wallet Code.
  6. Enter the code there and redeem it. That’s it! Enjoy your new game.

Free Steam Wallet Codes Generators Review & Truth

There are hundreds of websites on the internet having this steam wallet code generators, claiming to generate instant free steam wallet codes. All these websites are fake and are only to scam you.

Think for a second, if it was that easy to generate steam wallet codes or any gift card codes in general, why anyone would spend money on buying expensive items.

They will just head to these websites, generate gift card codes and spend them on the online platform these codes apply to. In that case, all these multi-billion dollar stores such as Amazon or steam store would have been bankrupt by now.

  • It is impossible to generate a steam wallet code

All the gift card codes are unique and one of a kind which are kept securely in these stores’ database. The encryption to protect the database is so strong that there could be billions of possible combination with just a few right answers. So you can easily sum up that no matter how efficient a code generator is, it’s just impossible to create or generate steam wallet codes or in that matter any other gift card codes.

All the legit websites offering the steam wallet codes like Swagbucks and Point Prizes do not generate them. They have partnered with outsider sponsorship and get the codes from the company which they offer to their users.

Summarizing it all

Steam store is definitely the most preferred platform for gamers to buy games, and they have been around for ten years now. That is quite a time, and still, their popularity graph is on the rise. Now there are certain games that you want to play, but does not feel to pay the price or you think that the price is not worth the game.

If that is the case then this guide is your best deal. Methods mention in this guide on how to get free steam wallet code will not give you instant steam wallet code. You have to make some effort, but you will most definitely get the free steam wallet code.

Also, keep this in mind that there is no such thing as ‘instant’ when it comes to free steam wallet codes. Any websites claiming that is a hoax and you should close them right away. That’s all for now and if we happened to find any other genuine working methods, we will update it at the earliest. Keep visiting our website! Enjoy gaming.


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