If you were searching for how to get free musically followers then you have come to the right place.

In this guide, we are going to provide completely legit and proven ways to get more free musically followers organically.

Musically is becoming a rage and its popularity among teens is increasing day and night.

It’s already being called the junior YouTube or the YouTube of teenagers, also the next big social network.

The platform already has a user base of a hundred million and more are signing up every day. Its popularity is such that muscal.ly just after two years of its launching has the ability to make someone a celebrity in no time.

get free musically followers

What exactly is musically?

musically is a video-based social app by TikTok that is a new internet phenomenon and teenagers are going crazy over it.

musically allow it’s user to create and share lip synced videos. These videos are usually 10 seconds to 1 minute long. Other user then can see like and comment on these uploaded videos and if they like the video they can become the musically follower of that particular profile. musically also utilise popular features of other social network platform like hashtags.

Besides this musical.ly provides a perfect platform for people who want to showcase their creativity and talent through videos.

People are finding more innovative and attractive ways to shoot videos with engaging and entertaining content.

This reflects in musical.ly popularity. The app already boast a user base of over 200 million users across the world.

How to get free musically followers?

Growing your musical.ly followers is a task that require time and effort. But there are certain tricks and musically follower hacks that can speed up the process.

In this guide we are proving all the genuine and proven ways to get free musically followers. We recommend that you read this guide to the end. By implementing these methods you will not only be able to gain a large number of free musically followers but it will also helps you become a better muser. Your videos will be of high quality and you will be able to take your musically profile to a level where you can become famous and enjoy stardom. Let’s dive in!

#1 Profile should be attractive and engaging

That can be a general advice for all of your social media accounts. But it’s very important to remember. Your profile is the first thing yours would be followers are going to notice first.

Don’t rush this part and fill whatever thing came to your mind.

These are the details that are going to represent you, so think carefully before filling up the profile page.

Start with picking a nice and easy username that truly reflects your style. If possible make sure you have the same username across all your social media accounts. This way it will be easy for your fans to find you across different channels.

Highlight yourself as innovative, entertaining and creative. Make it clear about what type of videos you intend to share.

An attractive and engaging profile will bring more musically followers.

#2 carefully plan before posting the videos

Musical.ly gives you the freedom to just shoot and upload the videos on the go. It’s good for the fun purpose, but if you are serious about your musically profile and want to be famous then you should plan your videos before posting or even before shooting.

If people know what to expect from you then it’s more likely that they will become your followers.

Post videos in fix pattern, like three per week or whatever timeline suits you. This will keep your fans interested. And once you are established, your fan will start visiting your profile expecting more new content.

#3 Follow best practices while uploading the videos

Follow the best practice while uploading the videos. Understand all the features musically offers.

Vertically oriented videos are more famous and loved by fans. So it makes quite a sense that you should follow the same practice.

Shoot videos in the vertical orientation with the aspect ratio of 1080×1920.

Video description is also a very important part that you must not ignore. Write a captivating and engaging description. This will help people to get what your videos are all about.

Similarly, a good thumbnail picture for your video will draw more people toward your profile. So make sure that you have an attractive thumbnail image for each of your videos.

In what category you are posting your videos is also very important. So make sure you are uploading your videos in the right category.

A truly optimized video in the right category can do wonders and bring you, loyal free musically followers.

#4 your videos should revolve around your main creative focus

The popularity of musicl.ly is increasing day by day. Hundreds of new users join every day and upload low quality out of the sink videos.

In order to stand out from the crowd, you should develop a unique style and post something original and unique to you.

Pick something that you love and comfortable with. It doesn’t have to be music only. A lot of successful musers post videos around different creative like comedy, makeup, and reviews.

Begin with deciding your creative focus and then shoot and upload videos revolving around that creative.

This way, people will understand what you specialize in. This will bring followers with the same interests. You need to give your fans a reason to want to watch your videos and to keep on returning to your musical.ly profile again and again for more.

#5 Show consistency in your videos

Once you have selected a particular theme for your videos, your audience will come to your profile searching for the same kind of videos.

So it is very important for you to ensure that you post videos focusing the same pattern consistently.

Each video of yours should reflect your style and should come in your voice.

To increase consistency you may also include regular features in all of your videos like intro and conclusions.

Set the timing and days about when you will post your videos and stick to it consistently.

Your followers will be waiting for your new videos every week. This keeps the interest and also brings new musically followers.

#6 Shoot videos without holding your phone

Shooting videos while holding your phone restrict your movement. What if you want to entertain your audience through your killer moves?

Musical.ly has a solution for this. Just after pressing the shoot first button, a page will open where you can record your videos.

On this page, you can click the button on the right side of index number five just next to the power button. This will allow you to shoot all your videos without holding the phone.

Now your videos will look more professional, and you will be free to showcase your crazy movements and killer moves.

#7 Edit your videos to give them a professional look

Crisp and professional looking video stand apart at once. People love such high-quality videos.

Careful editing, adding different effect and removing unnecessary parts from the videos will make them more engaging and entertaining.

#8 Engage With Your Audience

If you intend to become famous on the musically platform and want to have a large and loyal fan following, then you should never miss an opportunity to engage your audience.

Know what type of people follows you. If they have a musical.ly profile, follow them back. Like and comment of their videos.

Try to reach out to each and every fan of yours. This way fans connect with you. Not only you will have a loyal fan base this way but also you will be able to increase your musically  followers organically.

#9 Go live to have more interaction with your audience

Going live with the Live.ly feature of musical.ly is an excellent way to have more interaction with your audience and fan base.

This way you can showcase your personality more freely to your followers.

Chat with your fans, have Q and A session. This will give you feedback about your videos and what kind of content your audience expects from you.

Performing live is another great way you can increase your musically followers. Some of the most popular musers have amassed huge fan following this way.

#10 Produce videos in collaboration with other creators

Sure you can create and upload videos according to your interest and niche, but sometimes collaborating with other creators who covers and produce videos around similar topics and having a similar fan base as you can give a huge boost to your musical.ly profile.

Your followers will love to see you performing with other creators they follow.

Musically makes it easy to do so with its excellent duet feature.

#11 Encourage Your Viewers to Watch More of Your Videos and Live Performances

This is another tactic that will help you increase your musical.ly followers.

Announce your upcoming videos. Give them some glimpse of your upcoming videos. Actively ask your fans to watch and like your videos.

If you are going live announce is before and encourage your viewers to interact with you. To ask questions or anything related to your videos.

Promote your videos on other social media channel as well as this will not only diversify your audience but in return, can bring you more free musically followers.

#12 Work on Your Production abilities

You must produce high-quality videos if you want your musical.ly profile to stand apart.

Invest your time in learning about filmmaking and how to shoot high-quality videos.

The quality will reflect in your work and also the effort will resonate with your audience. They will know that you take your work very seriously.

Plan your videos, chose location accordingly. You should understand the importance of picking a better location for your videos.

These entire things will result in very high-quality videos that are loved by your audience.

Musically Stars & Experts Hacks

Some expert advice from musically’s biggest starts to increase your fan following and gain new musical.ly followers

Your content is what going to draw more people to your musically profile. More people to your profile mean more chances of them converting to your followers. All the below mentioned points will help you achieve this.

  • No one is perfect. Some of the biggest musical.ly stars jumped to the platform as noobs. They learned their way through hard work and consistent performance, so don’t be intimidated by the learning curve says Dani a 16-year-old musical.ly star.
  • Using props in the videos and acting on them can really make the difference according to Baby Ariel another star from musically . The audience loves the props in videos. It really resonates with them.
  • Move out of your bedroom. It might not be the best location to shoot your videos. Surrounding has a great effect on your videos so choose the location wisely.
  • Do viral challenges. Use trending hashtags. It increases your visibility and betters your chances of getting discovered by your audience
  • Never post your first attempt. There is always room for improvements. Ensure that your videos are of the highest quality.
  • Posting videos at the right time can make a huge difference. Try to post videos from 11 am to 5 pm. It has been noticed that this is the time when users are most active on musical.ly. You will likely get more engagement on your videos if you post them during the peak hours.
  • Showcase your originality and creativity. Nothing resonates with your fan more than your originality and your unique style. So make sure that your content is original and suits your personality.
  • Some time spontaneity can make your fans go crazy. Videos shot on the go have risen to fame very quickly sometimes. This also adds the element of surprise. The fan loves it.

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Final words

These are the best ways you can get hundreds and thousands of free musically followers organically.

While these methods certainly work but these are not instant scheme like those musically  followers generator websites, which are mostly fake.

All the methods mention in this guide will take some time but will keep on bringing you free musical.ly followers in the long run.

Besides this, they will also make you professional musers and you can enjoy a celebrity like status.

What more you can make a living out it and can make some serious money.

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