People are always on the search for ways to get more Instagram followers as they want to increase their fan following, to get maximum reach or to get maximum likes to their posts.

Increase numbers of Instagram followers can also be turned into potential free organic traffic to your website and present you many opportunities to make money. Unfortunately, it is not that easy and posting a good picture is just not enough.

Lucky for you we here in this article are offering Instagram followers hack and trick to get more Instagram followers faster.

Before we proceed we have some advice for you. Just stay away from all those free Instagram followers hack generator websites.

how to get free instagram followers online

Nothing is free in this world! All these generator websites fools users to scam them and make money. Now if you want genuine ways to get Instagram followers then read this guide till the end.

Tips and tricks to maximize your Instagram followers

Here we have listed all the tweaks and tricks that you can apply to your Instagram profile that will potentially increase your chances of getting more Instagram followers.

  1. Automate your Instagram account

Maintaining an Instagram account can be a daunting task. It takes a lot of time and efforts to be relevant and popular on Instagram.

You have to regularly post content, like others posts and leave comments on others profile.

There are various automation tools available in the market that significantly reduces the load on you of maintaining the account.

You can customize the automation tools according to your need and they will do the job of posting, liking and commenting and following for you.

  1. To get maximum exposure on your posts use hashtags extensively

Hashtags are the main element in the Instagram search function and to discover content. It’s like a string connecting people with similar interests.

It’s very difficult for anyone to find you on Instagram if you are not using the hashtags unless they personally know your username.

Your post reaches to every person connected with that hashtag. Research has shown that post with hashtags get way more interaction, likes and follow then post with no hashtags.

You can attach 30 hashtags to a single post and it’s more than enough the achieve what you are hoping for.

Make sure that you attach relevant hashtags according to your posts or it may be ignored or worse reported as spam.

  1. Make your profile attractive and with complete information

The first thing any person notice on Instagram is your profile your profile pic, your bio and your name.

Make sure your bio is complete and properly explain everything about you or your business, you must have a good profile picture which scales down well, so that anyone visiting your profile has a good first impression.

This greatly increases your chance of them following you.

  1. Post content regularly and relevant to what your profile is all about

To enhance your visibility on Instagram you must be active. Accounts that post less frequently are often forgotten or overlooked.

Regular posts with attractive content draw users to the profile and they are more likely end up becoming your Instagram follower.

  1. Develop style unique to you

This point is very important. Instagram is all about visual content. If your content is not stimulating visually you have very little chance of getting any followers.

You must adopt a unique style that truly represents you or your brand and conveys that message through your content.

Be clear, aesthetic and precise and of course visually enhancing.

Your style is what resonates with people and draw them towards you.

Your zeal and individual flair are what people are going to love and remember.

  1. Post-high-quality content

Don’t commit the mistake of posting anything and everything that you have on your camera roll, disregarding the quality.

Users are not going to like blurry and faded snapshots. Not when Instagram is full of carefully composed, visually enhancing and gorgeous photography.

Set standards for quality. Be very selective and choosy about what you are posting on your profile.

All the effort that goes in this will result in more Instagram followers and hence more popularity.

  1. Show consistency on your profile

Posting consistently and often with one post linked to another will definitely make your followers wanting for more.

People love to know what’s coming next. Tell stories through your posts. Ensure recurring theme in your posts

Make each post follow the next. Similar tone across your profile that viewer can associate with your brand is definitely a plus point and will ensure more followers.

  1. Share your post on other social media platforms

Sharing your Instagram post to other social media account can be a good strategy to increase your Instagram followers.

Instagram has the option to share your images on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other social media platforms.

Sharing your post on other platforms will give your post more exposure and reach.

This Instagram follower hack will surely bring you more Instagram followers.

Also, your friends who may not be following you can become your follower after seeing your post.

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Methods to get instant free Instagram followers

Whenever the word ‘instant’ come up our interest peaks because no one likes to wait.

While all the above-mentioned methods will definitely bring you more free Instagram followers, it will take some time.

So here we have listed some cool Instagram follower hack and tricks to get free Instagram followers instantly.

Some Social Media Like Exchange websites do exist which can let to achieve this.

These websites exchange Likes for Likes. You just have to log in with your social media account and start liking and following and sharing other’s posts.

You will earn points for this. You can spend these points for followers.

Let’s have a look at some of these websites

Method #1 – By Using

Hublaagram is one of the best tools to get free Instagram followers. Its working is little different from other Social Media Like exchange websites as it uses bots to automate the process to get likes and followers for you.

To use Hublaagramyou have to give its bot the permission to like the post, comment, and publish on your behalf.

Follow the steps below:

  • Make an account and log in to the website.
  • Allow permission when asked.
  • Give access Token.
  • Wait for some time and you will start getting notifications of new Instagram followers.

Make sure to keep things natural looking, Google doesn’t like automation tools. It poses the risk of your account getting banned.

Method #2 – By Using

Like4like is the most popular Social Media Like Exchange website.

The platform offers like exchange for every major social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, YouTube, StumbleUpon, Pinterest and many more.

What you have to do is register on the website with your social media profile to earn points. After that add your Instagram username and start to like and follow others’ posts using the platform.

Once done the website will reward you with points. These points can then be used to get Instagram followers.

That’s all. An easy way to get genuine followers within minutes.

Like4like also have weekly bonus and rewards and they returned points is you don’t get followers. As with all it also has some downside too. It takes time to earn points. So you should have patience. The algorithm is not perfect and doesn’t work sometimes.

Also, you should be careful while using the platform as too much usage may result in your account temporarily blocked.

Method #3 – By Using

FollowLike is another great website to get free Instagram followers across the world.

FollowLike is available for more than 200 countries. The mechanism is the same as the other websites in this category.

You earn points for like exchange.

Almost all the social media platforms are covered by this websites.

The list includes Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter, Pinterest, VK, Soundcloud exchange, Stumbleupon, Diggo, Linkedin, Vimeo, Tumblr, Delicious, and YouTube.

Some Instagram follower hack and tricks you should try

  • Create a solid Instagram strategy; define your goals, target audience, brand and story.
  • Content is king. So make sure you have quality, engaging and entertaining content for your target audience and Instagram followers.
  • Use hashtags extensively. They will give you exposure, reach, and broaden your audience and more new followers.
  • Use analytics tools to know whether your strategy is working for the goals you have set. If not, then adjust your strategy accordingly.
  • Follow like and comment on posts of other users that are relevant to your profile. If they like your profile, they may follow you back as you will both have a similar interest.
  • Write engaging captions. Include eye catchy and engaging words and emojis for better interactions.
  • To make your post more discoverable for your local audience, include your location in your post.
  • Host contest and giveaways. There is a certain lure in these types of things. People are always interested in free things. Put some condition for entering in the contest, such as liking your post or following you.
  • Use Instagram stories if you have not used it till now. It makes your post available for all users that are not in your follow list, not just your followers. This increases your chance of getting random followers.
  • Post images during peak hours between 2 pm to 5pm. It has been noticed that content posted during peak hours get more engagement. More engagement means more Instagram followers.

What benefits will you get a large Instagram following?

  • All you’re unique and quality posts will be an instant hit. Likes and comments will follow.
  • More followers mean more publicity for your brand, your business or whatever you are promoting.
  • You can become the Instagram influencer. This presents you with multiple possibilities of monetary gain through your profile.

What else you can gain. You will be popular, can enjoy celebrity status, at least in the virtual world and you can earn some serious money too.

Final words

These are all the genuine methods to get hundreds of more Instagram followers.

If you will follow this guide completely you will have no trouble of getting new followers.

The only thing you should have to do is stay away from all the websites with generator tools, as they are not genuine and will give you nothing, or more they will scam you. So instead of getting Instagram followers, you will end up losing money.

Please give your valuable feedback in the comment section or tell us about any issue you are facing. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


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