There is no doubt that the Google Play store is the biggest online platform to download android apps.

There are millions of apps available and hundreds are added each day, much more than the Apple’s app store.

But not all apps are free and the ones that are free have just the basic feature unlocked.

Here in this guide, we are detailing how to get free Google Play codes and get any paid apps.

No one wants to pay for the apps or more so they can’t afford to buy some apps. This poses the problem.

That’s why we have this detailed guide on getting Free Google Play Gift Card, which you can then spend on buying on your favorite apps and avoid the charges.

Google Play Gift Card Code 2018

A brief overview of the Google Play store

Google Play store is an amalgam of three different stores: the Google Music, Google Book Store, and the Android market respectively. Google made the Android live in 2008 and it was publicly available to the user from October of the same year.

The Google Bookstore was launched in 2010 featuring over 3 millions digital e-books.

In the year 2011 Google introduces the content filtering to the Android Market. Specification pages of each app started showing the promotion material. Size of the apps allowed also increased from 25 MB to 50 MB and strict security measures were applied to ensure maximum security levels.

What Are Google Play Gift Card Codes & How They Work?

Google Play Gift card is no different from the real money and in fact, they have fixed value in terms of money like $10, $15 etc. You can use them on the Google Play store to purchase that are available there including books, music, movies, and apps.

Sufficient Google Play credits can let you buy an app or to unlock the premium version of the free apps.

You can also gift these Google Play gift card to your friends and family.

They don’t have an expire date unlike other gift cards and you can save them up to any time when you are ready to purchase your favorite apps or game. You can easily buy these gift cards online or you can just follow our guide and get free Google Play gift card.

Hacks To Get Free Google Play Gift Card

We understand that the developers should get the fair share of their efforts that they have put in developing the apps, but the truth is no one really like to pay for the apps or to unlock the complete version of them.

How about getting free Google Play Gift card? Yes, you read it right.

You can earn them by winning rewards, bonus or credits in exchange for completing some simple and easy task. Just read on!

#1 Swagbucks

Whenever there’s talk of earning rewards and points online, Swagbucks is what that comes to mind first.

It would be an understatement that Swagbucks is ruling the GPT or Get Paid to arena.

Swagbucks offers a number of ways to earn free Google Play gift card codes.

This immensely popular website lets you earn swags or points for completing tasks like surveys, playing games or watching videos. You can even earn swags for surfing the internet.

These tasks won’t take much of your time and when you have enough point you can redeem them for Google Play gift cards.

You can easily redeem a $50 Google Play gift card for 5000 points or swags.

#2 FeaturePoints

FeaturePoint lets you earn the point for downloading apps and using them for testing purpose.

The points you earn can then be exchanged for Google Play codes or to get other paid apps and online gift cards.

Apps that you download range from games to music, books or messenger apps. FeaturePoint lets you earn points for watching videos also.

Currently, it offers $ 10 and $ 15 Google Play gift card in exchange for points.

You can speed up the process of earning points by referring FeaturePoints to your friends. This way you will get 50 % of whatever points your friends earn.

#3 Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion RewardYou only have to register for Google Opinion Rewards and complete all the surveys that are sent to you by the Survey team of Google.

A number of surveys that you will receive totally depends on how many surveys are available to fill in the week. You may get several surveys or you may get only one survey per accordingly.

The best thing is you are instantly credited for each survey that you complete. So you have a chance of earning up to $1 for each completed survey.

Nature and subject of these surveys vary widely, that is why these surveys are somewhat different than surveys by other websites.

Google design these surveys in partnership with many third-party companies, so you may be asked to give your opinion on the various subjects like a particular politician or even your favorite brand of household items.

There’s also available the Google Opinion Rewards app on both Android and iOS platform. You can install it on your phone and complete the surveys whenever you are free.

#4 Tap Cash Rewards

Tap Cash Rewards is another great service to earn points for downloading free apps, watching videos, playing games. These points then can be redeemed for Google Play gift card.

Tap Cash Rewards also gives you point each time you log in to Tap Cash Rewards account. There is also a VIP status which you can get for linking your Facebook account the app.

Tap Cash Rewards is totally mobile based and is for Android device only. You can install it on your phone and earn free Google Play codes even on the go.

It also has a referral system. You can get 100 points as a bonus each time anyone signs up for the account through your referral.

The best part is the apps give you point every time you log in regardless of whether you have completed any task or not, but it will require some effort to get a Google Play gift card of even $10 as Tap Cash Reward only offers $1 for 1000 points.

#5 FreeMyApps

FreeMyApps claims to have distributed over $ 27 million in gift cards and their claim seems to be legit as it one of the most appreciated apps in the category of points and rewards.

You earn points by downloading apps and games just like others in this category. You also earn bonus points through referrals and social media contest.

FreeMyApps stand out from other apps in this category as it also rewards you for watching youtube videos. This feature is unique to FreeMyApps only.

There is another great feature. You can also donate to charity if you have earned some extra points.

#6 InstaGC

InstaGC stands for Instant Gift Cards and they truly live up to their name. You can earn enough points in no time to claim your free Google Play gift card.

100 points equal to $1 and Google Play cards they offers are in $10, $15 and $25 values. They provide you points for completing surveys, watching videos, shop from their sponsored partner or surf the net.

You earn 10 bonus points when you sign up and get an additional 110 points for each signup through your referral.

For time to time, additional bonus opportunities also come in for trying some new products, visiting the partnered website or listening to music.

#7 AppNana

AppNana is another very popular app that lets you earn points or rewards.

AppNana is fairly simple and easy to use. It rewards you with nanas or points for downloading featured apps and games.

You are awarded 400 points each day just for signing in to your AppNana account.

You can even earn a point for playing games you like such as candy crush or downloading an app like Facebook.

You can easily redeem these points for Google Play gift card. AppNana also provides Amazon gift card and iTunes gift card as well.

#8 JunoWallet

JunoWalletJunoWallet is another great app for getting your free Google Play gift card. The app is available for Android platform and easy to use with a great interface.

JunoWallet has the same reward point system as the other app and website mentioned here.

You earn points for doing simple work like downloading apps and games, watching videos or completing surveys.

JunoWallet has a unique feature though to earn points that are not in other apps. It lets you make money by making calls.

There is another feature called mystery rewards. To win a mystery rewards offer you have to open it very fast as it only appears for 10 seconds and disappears.

JunoWallet also has the referral system. You get rewards when some join through your referral. It works on the level basis. The more people under your referral and are active on JunoWallets the more point you are going to make.

The reward for these points that you earned can be a Google Play gift card code or many other online gift cards.

If you are not interested or have enough of Google Play credits then you also have the option to exchange these points for retail gift cards.

#9 WHAFF Rewards

Another great way to earn free Google Play gift card is through WHAFF Rewards. What you have to do is link your facebook account with WHAFF Rewards to earn points.

When you’re account is connected you can then earn points by downloading apps and games.

The longer you have WHAFF Rewards app install on your smartphone, the more additional points you can earn.

WHAFF Rewards offers Facebook cash, Playstation Codes Google Play codes and even cryptocurrencies as the rewards.

#10 Gift Box

Gift Box is another top app on android platform for rewards point category.

Its popularity can easily be assessed by its near 5-star rating and more than 60000 plus reviews.

You earn the point that you can redeem for free Google Play gift card by downloading games and apps and watching videos

You also earn points for referrals signup and logging into your account each day. That’s easy right!

There are also other varieties of the task each day that lets you earn extra points. They also have a spin wheel, through which you have of the chance of winning significant rewards. Who knows you may get lucky. Fun and earn at the same time.

#11 Cubicer

CubicerCubicer was previously known as Cubic Reward. It has the same methodology of points and rewards which you earn for using apps and games.

Referrals system is also there and you earn extra points for referring Cubicer to your friends.

You can redeem the points you earned for Google Play credits. Apart from this Cubicer also offers you PayPal balance in exchange for points.

#12 GiftHulk

GiftHulk is another platform that offers many ways to earn rewards. Performing a task like downloading free apps, completing surveys and other daily tasks can easily let you earn your free Google Play gift card.

They have a variety of task available and works in the United States, Canada and the majority of European countries.

Wide assortments of gift card options are available once you have earned enough points, just head over to the payment page and spend the coins on whatever gift card you want. This includes Amazon, Paypal, Google Play credits and even crypto coins.

As a bonus for you just download the GiftHulk and enter the referral code OR1831442 and you will get 250 points instantly.

#13 AppKarma

AppKarmaWe just can’t ignore to include AppKarma in our list. This relatively simple to use app pays you for testing and using apps, completing surveys and watching videos.

You can easily swap these karma points for Google Play codes, Amazon Gift Cards, Steam codes and PayPal cash.

AppKarma is one of the highest rated apps for earning free money. They also offer achievement points to better your rewards and level up your points.

#14 Register Your Device (only for Samsung users)

It’s common knowledge that Google itself offers free Google Play gift card whenever you shop for any Google devices like Pixel, Google Home etc.

Following the same line Samsung now also offers Google Play codes whenever you purchase their devices.

You only have to register your Samsung device to check whether you qualify for the offer or not. Hurry up you may get your free Google Play gift card.

You can get $25 in Google Play credits. Awesome deal!

#15 Buy a Chromecast Device

As mentioned above Google also offers you free Google Play gift card for buying their device such as chromecast.

If you have a chromecast device you can register your device now and check whether you qualify for the offer or not.

The amount of credits or rewards you get is not fixed. You may get a $5 or $25 in Google Play credits. And it not limited to only one device you can register all your Google devices and may earn Google Play codes for each device you register.

There are also different offers available from time to time. You can get a total of $6 for each of your device as of the latest. For this, just register for Chromecast offers.

How to Redeem Your Google Play Gift Card?

So you have tested all the above-listed methods, and earned for yourself free Google Play Gift Card.

Now, how to redeem these credits so that you can purchase the full version of your favorite apps. Just follow the steps below:

  • Go to and log in to your Google Play account.
  • Once logged in you can now search for all the premium apps and games you want to purchase.
  • Select the app you want, click on the buy button and press continue.
  • You will land on the payment page. Under the payment methods select the Google Play gift card balance and complete the payment process. Enjoy!

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About Free Google Play gift Card Generator & Hack

As our team kept searching the internet for genuine methods to get Google Play codes we have came across many websites that claim to provide Free Google Play Gift Card instantly through there generator software.

They are all fake without any doubt. Most of them are just tricking the users to perform some action that would benefit them and the users will get nothing.

We strongly recommend that you stay away from these sites as there are also risks of your PC or smartphone being exploited and hacked by installing malware to get your valuable personal information.


While there are many websites and apps over the internet claiming to provide you with free Google play gift cards, only a few of them are legit and provide you genuine ways to earn Google Play gift card. Then also it’s not completely free. It requires you do some task and after that only you can redeem your Google Play credits.

If you are willing to put some effort then this guide on 15 genuine, tried and tested method to get free Google Play gift cards is definitely worth a read.

All it takes is some of your time, a good internet speed, and a PC or a smartphone and you are good to go.


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