Fallout 4 console players have since long envied Fallout 4 PC players because of their sheer ability to pull up the developer console window with a click of a single key, which enables them to enter a long array of cheat codes and bend the Fallout 4 gameplay according to their fancy.

Just enter the cheat code and you can become a giant, can have unlimited weapons and ammo and what more they even have a cheat code to enable God mode. Console players, unfortunately, doesn’t have any such feature, because Bethesda, the game developing company has ripped off this feature from both PS4 and XBOX.

Well, all is not lost for the console players. There still are ways which exploit the glitches in the game to trick the AI and allows the player to modify or alter the gameplay to some extent. Then the company has also launched the much-needed cheat mods which give console player the same abilities to alter the in-game mechanics as the Fallout 4 Console Commands give to the PC player.

What you can do with Fallout 4 Mods For PS4

Fallout 4 Mods PS4 lets you have infinite caps or buy anything without spending or to have unlimited amount of ammo supply, building material, higher S.P.E.C.I.A.L, unlimited carry weight ability, better health regeneration and much more. You can do so either by exploiting the in-game glitches and bugs or by installing the newly released cheat mods by game developing company Bethesda.

In this guide for Fallout 4 Mods PS4, we are going to give you in-depth details of both the Fallout 4 cheat exploits through in-game glitches as well as Fallout 4 cheat mods for PS4.

Note: while exploiting glitches are fun and lets you have your way through the game, Bethesda clearly doesn’t like this. That’s why they regularly release the update to patch these glitches. So any method which is working fine may not work after the patch.

Best Fallout 4 Mods PS4 2018
Best Fallout 4 Mods PS4 2018

Fallout 4 Mods PS4: Glitch exploits

These exploits utilize the glitches and bugs in the game to the player’s advantage by tricking the games AI.

Settlements Building Limit increase

  • Load your inventory with as many weapons as you can. Then drop them on the ground in your settlement.
  • Go into building mode and look at the weapons. You will get the option of storing them.
  • Now store each of them. This will transfer these weapons to your weapons workbench.
  • Now the game will treat this action as if a building structure has been removed from the settlement effectively allowing you to build the structure in place of your stored or dropped weapons.
  • Repeat these steps as many time as you can to expand your settlement area.

Duplicate anything from your inventory

  • Go to any of your settlement, approach the workbench and take out all the junk from it.
  • Now put all the junk from your inventory to a separate container except the one which you want to duplicate.
  • Go to an open space and drop the junk onto the floor. After dropping the junk go to settlement building mode.
  • Now hover over the item and when they are highlighted quickly slide your finger from X to A and then to B button for XBOX One and for the PS4 slide from Square to X then O.
  • If you have done it right notifications will pop up quickly. You just have to select yes to store the item in the workshop. Now go check you would have duplicated the item

Chem Station Glitch

For this you first side with Brotherhood of steel. You must be with Brotherhood for long enough so that you can board the Prydwen and Proctor Ingram gives you a side quest.

  • Engage in dialogue with Proctor Ingram to receive a quest asking you to collect Reactor coolant. You will receive a list of all the crafting material to craft the reactor Coolant at a chemistry station.
  • After gathering all the required ingredients, locate a chemistry station on the command deck and start crafting. Access the chemistry station and select the Reactor Coolant recipe.
  • Hover over the Reactor Coolant but don’t start cooking yet. You have to perform the glitch now. Press the cook and back buttons at the same time. That will be X and O on PS4. Buttons must be pressed at exactly the same time for the glitch to work.
  • A category menu will appear with make Reactor Coolant screen in the foreground. Start the make process by pressing X to craft Reactor Coolant. Now if you have performed the glitch correctly none of your material will be used.
  • Repeat this glitch as many times as you wish for making Reactor Coolant without costing you any material. Now return to Proctor Ingram and she will pay you for each Reactor Coolant you have crafted. Nice and easy method to earn Bottlecaps.

Fallout 4 Mods PS4: Best 7 Mods 

Here we have listed the best Fallout 4 cheat mods that we consider you should try before any of the other available mods.

  • Get started with higher S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats

This is a simple cheat mod for those who want to mess with the game as little as possible. Rather than 21 points, you start the game with 70 point which means you can start your wasteland journey with full 10 points in each attribute.

  • Unlimited Carry Weight

This fallout 4 cheat for PS4 is another mod that just applies to only one aspect of the game. This mod gives you the ability to carry an unlimited amount of weight by picking up a ring. Now, this could be a great advantage as your ability to carry weight has a direct impact on your gameplay and progress in the game. The only caution with this mod is that this mod is only for those who don’t use power armor as the ring doesn’t work as long as you are in your power armor.

  • Wolverine Ring

This mod gives a big boost to your health regeneration. This could be a great advantage in combat and battle as now you can last longer in any combat and you have to use less number of stimpacks. Action points also regenerate very fast.

  • OP Weapons

This mod adds several containers with some cool and powerful overpowered weapons, ammo and even pieces of equipment that will increase your stats drastically. This will allows you to be the true boss of the commonwealth.

  • Quick Hack and Pick

This mod makes you the master of hacking and lock picking by increasing these abilities drastically.  All the doors, safe crates are no longer any challenge for you. You could unlock them in seconds, no more combination and try of dozens of bobby pins. Same goes for the hacking computer. No matter how strong the password or how strong the encryption, hacking it is a cakewalk for you after applying this mod.

  • Developer Room

This particular cheat was for long only available for pc users, giving them access to a room which contains every item in the game. Now through this mod PS4 users also gain access to the developer room. Just install this mod and now you have a room full of every item in the game. Enjoy using any armor, any weapon, grenade and other items.

  • Cheat Container

Building settlement in Fallout 4 can be a cumbersome job. The hardest part is to find all the components you need for any given set piece. This cheat container mod gives you 60,000 of each component that you will need. Now you will never run out of any parts to build anything, any settlement you want in wasteland commonwealth.

How to install Fallout 4 Mods On PS4

  • First of all, if you don’t have registered on Bethesda.net yet make an account on it by visiting the net website.
  • After this press mod tab and browse the mods available for PS4 . Under the platform tab, you can apply the filter for PS4 mods.
  • Once you have decided which mod you want just click on it then press add to the library.
  • Now load fallout 4 on your PS4 console and press the mod option from the main menu.
  • It will open all the mods in your mods library that you have selected online.
  • Select the mod you want to enable. You can also change load order as some mods depend on load order to get enabled.
  • Now go back to the main menu and load your game again. Enjoy.

Note: there is a limit of 2GB for active mods. So make sure you don’t exceed the limit.

Final words

There certainly are many more mods available for PS4  other than the ones listed in this guide. You are free to apply any of them. We have mentioned the best ones according to us that will let you play the game with minimum possible changes and much-enhanced game experience. As for the exploits, patch updates are released regularly, so try the mentioned methods as soon as possible. Whenever we will have any new information or any new exploits we will update it at the latest. That’s all from Fallout 4 Mods PS4 for now, keep visiting our website and enjoy gaming.


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