Clash Royale Hack & Tricks [2018 Updated]

Looking to generate free Clash Royale Hack for gems online? We’re here to help you. Here in this website we’re going to tell you how you can easily get free thousands of gems with this Clash Royale Gems Hack without human verification.

Today we’re presenting you the extremely easy but secret tricks from which you could get 100 of thousands of gems for 100% free.

You may have seen many website over the Google OR YouTube videos which promoting the Clash Royale Hack OR Clash Royale Gems Generator Online. But you may have ended up with the survey and got scammed by them.

Also, you may have seen many guides over which they share once you completed the survey or human verification, through which you can get the free gems. But sadly, none of them work.

But you don’t need to be worried, you can’t get them back but at least don’t fell again on such pity tricks these scammers are playing. Today, we are going to tell you how you these scammers steal your money and details and making thousands of dollars and also the real but legal tricks from which you can obtain thousands of gems by yourself. So let’s get started.

Truth about the Clash Royale Gems Hack & Gems Generator Online {Fraud Alerts}

Let us try to explain about such Clash Royale Gems Generator 2018 OR Clash Royale Gems Hack 2018 Scam  scam sites, if you’ve not access them already. And for who already fell on such tricks we advise you to don’t ever go again no matter if you’re Clash Royale Gamer or any other else game you use to play. Generally they all are just scam who steal your information and your money.

Step 1:

First we go to the Google and search for the Clash Royale Hack

For Gems and pick the top 3 websites from the result. And among this 3 websites we’ve selected 1 which looks very high quality and suppose to be working Clash Royale Generator online.

Step 2:

The website (Fake Clash Royale Gems Hack Online) asked us for the Clash Royale Username and the Device I use to play over. I put this “123456mlorap789123” just to test its legitimacy, Damn! it has accepted it & I believe there is no such username exist and selected the Android device.

Clash Royale Gems Hacker Fake Username Part
Clash Royale Gems Hacker Fake Username Part

Step 3:

Now, it is asking me to select the “PROXY” to become an anonymous user for the Supercell servers (which is optional). Now I need to select the amount of Gems, Elixir & other resources which I want to hack within the Clash Royale Game. I select some random numbers. And after done this part I click on the “GENERATE BUTTON“.

Clash Royale Fake Gems Hacking Part
Clash Royale Fake Gems Hacking Part

Step 4:

This is the part where all normal users loses their mind when they see live hacking console. Guys this is not hacking or something, they’ve done this with very simple JavaScript Code. No matter how genuine it may look like it will ended up with the survey at the end. However, in reality, it is all fake and there is no such Clash Royale Gems Generator exist.

Clash Royale Gems Hack fake Hacking Console Screen
Clash Royale Gems Hack fake Hacking Console Screen

Step 5:

After completing all these steps, they will ask you to verify the CAPTCHA or confirm that you are a human and not a robot (most of them do same while some may trick you by another way). For that, they might ask to fill out affiliate survey or download an app or maybe something else (varies device to device) so that they could make thousands of dollars.

Clash Royale Gems Generator Fake Human Verification Scam
Clash Royale Gems Generator Fake Human Verification Scam
Clash Royale Gems Generator Survey Scam Img 2
Clash Royale Gems Generator Survey Scam Img 2

Now, pick every device you’ve got and put some fake username like I do and repeat the same process. You’ll find it is again and again giving you the same page. So what we’re trying to explain here is, These all things are scripted and nothing but fake. In this world there is no any such online generator made for any game yet.


Now, after completing all these steps, you may start expecting the free GEMS in your account. However, there is no gem you can find. You’re going to have any GEM from them but they may have make some bucks once you’ve participated and completed any listed survey

Buying The Clash Royale Gems :-

As we all know this game comes with so many paid offers where you need to buy Gems, Gold etc,. Obviously this is the only and one fastest way to load thousands of gems but it will costs you some money.

But it’s worth, if you like the game, dropping few bucks is an excellent way to show your support. So many games costs you money upfront, while the Clash Of Clans can be played for free as long as you want. Normally if you’re spending $20 for any game to pay it for 20 hours, what amount would you spend for an amusement as long as Clash Royale? It relies upon how much fun you’re getting from Clash Royale, no doubt.

All that means, you got scammed by them after all they all are nothing but just a scam made for their own earnings.

Clash Royale Gems & Gold Hack – Legit but legal  methods

Earn free Clash Royale Gems, Gold etc, through these tips, tricks and guides given below

First of all we want to clear that there is no such hack or cheats for Clash Royale has. But that doesn’t mean we’ve posted this long article without any information.

Both currencies are bit difficult to gain while playing the game as an normal player. And if you don’t want to pay for it, then you should wait for little bit more time in order progress your gaming skill. But the truth is, there’s no hack anyway, so you can still play it for long without paying a penny and now it’s time to reveal some methods of Free Clash Royale Gems.

There is currently 2 methods so far we know. One is to gain gems within the game by applying some secret sauce and another buying the gems without taking your wallet out! Yes, you heard right. We’re going to tell you the methods to collect the Gift Cards and from the same gift card you can buy the gems. So it will not costs you a single bucks.

Method 1 : How to get Gems in Clash Royale

Since GEMS are the main currency in the game Clash Royale and it is difficult to earn like the gold (which is easily available and could be earn easily). With the gems you can use them to purchase new chests, may be some gold or you can rush the timer on the chests that you’re trying to open after winning the battles. Here are few methods we try to explain about generating the free Gems within the game:

1. Open the free chest and the crown chest:

You can open one chest for free once in every three hours (and you can collect up to two free chest), while on other hand the CROWN CHEST is only available to open once in a 24 hours but to open the crown chest you need 10 crowns. From this way you can collect some small amount of gems each time, so if you use only this method to get free clash royale gems, it will take so much time to collect 500 gems, so the Gold purchase can be possible.

Open Free Chest and Crown Chest - Clash Royale
Open Free Chest and Crown Chest – Clash Royale

2. Buy them from the store:

There are discounts offered for purchasing larger quantities, so you should always go for that. For example, for $1 you get 80 Gems, but if you spend $5, you receive 500 (so 100 free Gems). Even more, if you spend $10, you get 1,200 Gems, which is 200 more than you would get from purchasing a $5 package and a whooping 400 Gems more compared to the first option. Here are your options:

Generating Free Clash Royale Gems Methods
Unlocking The Clash Royale Barrel Of Gems Free

In other words, it would be good and smart to wait so that you could make some expensive purchases, than the thousands of cheap deals. Instead of unlocking 5 fistful of gems, wait for the while and collect this money so you could buy the Pouch of Gems. Keep on doing this to get more Gems for your buck or whatever currency you’re using!

Festive season are always great when it comes to the offers. In this Christmas I got Mountain of Gems just for the $52. So you should be ready for such deals.

Method 2 : Earn Free Gift Cards & Buy Clash Royale Gems For Free –

This method is damn easy and you didn’t need to be tricky at this point. With this method you can even buy the Mountain Of Gems without spending the single dime on it.

There are some websites/apps which will ask you to participate in some survey or install another app through their offer wall or most probably they may ask you to watch 15 seconds or 30 seconds video. And by doing all these things, you will earn some points. You will earn points between the range of 10 to 1500 to complete the activity.

Once you get it their through, according to their terms and conditions, they will give you opportunity to exchange it in form of Google Play Store Card. So with this card you can buy and get thousands of free gems.

Isn’t looks damn easy? Now you need apps, right? Don’t worry, we already make the list for you. And ya thanks us later 😉


Get it from here:

FreeMyApps is an app for both iOS and Android which allow its user to earn points and rewards by participating in the listed Survey or app to download or watching video.

In order to earn points you need to participate on the listed surveys and installing the listed apps or watching the random video they provide (don’t forget to read the terms & conditions before you install any app or participate any survey). Once you’ve generated good points already which should be most probably 300+ of course, you can now buy the gems, Google Play gift card, iTunes gift card or any other listed reward.

Now you can use this Google Play gift card or iTunes gift card to make purchase inside the game.

Tip: To earn the extra points, you need to check the listings of apps and survey daily so that you can download the new app and earn more.


Get it from here:

BigCash isn’t much differ than the FreeMyApp. You need to follow the same instructions like FreeMyApp. But the little difference between these 2 apps are, if you refer this app among your friends and got 5 installations anyhow, you’ll get 100 points instantly. So refer and make big money.

After making enough amount and money in your preference, you can simply ask the help support to convert your points into the gift card. They’ll notify you once your card will be ready after 2-3 days max.


So, here we’re. We told you about how these fake “Clash Royale Gems Hack/Generator Online” are fooling you and generating thousands of dollars per day. All you need to spread the awareness among your family, your friends and your colleagues. This is the only way we can fight against those frauds.

As we’ve write the very long article above, there is only 3 ways of getting the Clash Royale Gems.

1: Buy gems smartly (It is obviously good because you’re paying for the developers effort)

2: Collect gems by opening up the Free Chest and Crowns.

3: Earn the free gift cards through the app and buy the gems from these gift cards.

That’s it, that’s everything we know about the generating free gems in Clash Royale. In this article, I showed you how to maximize your free gems by earning free Gift Cards and by opening up the free chest and crowns. Then I gave you the rundown on the best ways to spend the gems you’ve stockpiled.

It’s my aim to make this the best freakin’ guide to Clash Royales gems on the internet. If you know something I don’t,

leave a comment! I really appreciate any corrections or suggestions other players have.



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