Best Clash Of Clans Gems Hack, Cheats & Tricks

Right here you’ll learn how to easily generate thousands and millions of free Clash Of Clans Gems Online 2018. We’re presenting you the latest Clash Of Clans Gems Hack & Cheats where you do not need to participate in any human verification (NO HUMAN VERIFICATION) to implement all these hack.

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We’re not the COC experts but we tried our best to collect data from many resources such like Youtube, Forums, Blogs, Wiki Sites etc,. and we came up here we the best and suitable Clash Of Clans Hack for you and extremely easy to implement within the game. So let’s get start without wasting any time.

Buying The Clash Of Clans Gems :-

As we all know this game comes with so many paid offers where you need to buy Gems, Gold OR Elixir. Obviously this is the only and one fastest way to load thousands of gems but it will costs you some money. But it’s worth, if you like the game, dropping few bucks is an excellent way to show your support. So many games costs you money upfront, while the Clash Of Clans can be played for free as long as you want. Normally if you’re spending $20 for any game to pay it for 20 hours, what amount would you spend for an amusement as long as Clash of Clans? It relies upon how much fun you’re getting from COC, no doubt.

COC gems Guide
Treasure Box : Clash Of Clans

Another thing to gain some extra Gems is if you’ve got the credit over the iTunes store but you’ve been playing the game on your Android phone or tablet, install the Clash Of Clans on your iOS device temporarily and connect it with the old account. Redeem the credit you’ve got from iTunes and buy Clash Of Clans Gems from it. Just be sure you trust the device (and its owner) before you do this.

Pro Tip: Especially around the holidays, you can find discounted iTunes gift cards & Google Play Gift Cards. This can be a cheap way to stretch your Clash of Clans gem funds a bit further.

Free Clash Of Clans Gems {Scam Alert}

There are thousands of Websites and Videos around the internet that claim to give you “Free Clash Of Clans Gems!!” OR “Clash Of Clans Gems Generator” OR “Clash of Clans Gems Hack” rest assured you that there is no such hack, cheat, glitch, generator, etc that could generate you the free gems. They all are the scam, the websites that are offering free gems and resources are hoax. They will either prompt you to install some application or complete a survey , which never works. If these websites would be legit, then either they would have gone viral and everyone would be using it or Coc would not exist anymore. Do not, under any circumstances, trust any site that advertises free gems.

METHOD 1: Removing Obstacles –

Removing obstacles or “trimming the bushes” is the easiest way to get gems but be sure to preserve them, don’t just use them for gemming a handful of barbarians. Whenever you send a builder to remvethe bush or tree or any other misc thing on your base, there is a chance you’ll get the gems. That means it will pay you to keep the ground clean!

removing obstacles coc
Removing Obstacles : Clash Of Clans

There’s one special kind of Obstacle item which is Gem Box. It will give you 25 free gems guaranteed, if you can find and remove it. Gem Box Obstacle don’t come so often, You need to wait little bit and if you’re lucky enough you’ll get it.

TIP: New obstacles only come in your base if you got some free space in the ground and there aren’t many obstacles already. Make sure you remove those obstacles occasionally, or you’ll miss out on your chance to free gems from gem boxes!

METHOD 2: Completing The Achievements –

This is the another extremely easy way to get some free gems legally by completing the achievements. Most of the achievements you unlock, it comes with the free gems with every level you complete. These achievement you can unlock through playing Clash Of Clans normally, but there are few achievement out there that are not worthy.

Clash Of Clans Achievements Free Gems
Clash Of Clans Achievements Free Gems
  • Get Goblins – Usually peoples ignored the single player campaign. When you’ve became powerful enough to just start the single player levels, you might hit these levels for the gems. This is a decent one to do while you’re upgrading the walls and have no any reason to stuck with your elixir.
  • Fair Play – You get the gems for removing obstacles – which is another simplest way to get large amount of gems.
  • Union Buster – You’ll unlock this achievement when you destroy the builder’s huts. So many COC games out there place this over at the corners of their base, so when you raid, just drop an extra archer or barb nearby to earn points towards this.
  • Sweet Victory! – The third level of this achievement only requires 1,250 trophies. This is a piece of cake. Make sure you’ve protect your own town hall, and get out there and start raid!
  • League All-Star – The primary level of this one expects you to get to Crystal League, which is 2,000 trophies. In any case, the reward is 250 gems, so it’s certainly justified regardless of the exertion.

Never make any mistake, Removing Obstacle is the major way to collect the free gems. However, you can get a bit of a boost from these achievements if you make the time to unlock them!

METHOD 3: Winning the clan tournament –

If you’re the COC addict, you may already participated in many tournaments within the game ‘Clash Of Clans‘. Many of you may ended up because of the hard competition. Winning the Clan tournament is the best thing in terms of generating free COC Gems. The only hard part is, that you need to know the tournament or that it needs to be hosted by either one of your clan members or a friend – you’re not able to see all available tournaments.

To check the tournament challenges use this website :

They list each and every hosted Clash of Clans tournament so you don’t need to much worried about finding it. Go through this website and start participating on them.

And to win the tournament watch out our tutorial video related to the building up the top strategies and bases for builder hall.

METHOD 4: Win out of the game tournaments –

This isn’t any Clash Royale Gems Hack you may looking for. These are the best free ways to generate thousands of free Clash of Clans gems without spending a single bucks and of course you’re not going to participate in any scam survey or without downloading anything. Game Tournaments are the good alternative if you’re looking for the free gems worth of hundred of bucks. Right above we’ve shared the video that contains the top strategies so with the help of such tricks you could easily win the tournament.


That’s it, that’s everything we know about the generating free gems in Clash of Clans. In this article, I showed you how to maximize your free gems by clearing obstacles and focusing on achievements. Then I gave you the rundown on the best ways to spend the gems you’ve stockpiled.

It’s my aim to make this the best freakin’ guide to Clash of Clans gems on the internet. If you know something I don’t,

leave a comment! I really appreciate any corrections or suggestions other players have.



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