A detailed guide on how to change Minecraft Skin

Looking to change your Minecraft Skin? This article contains the great guide if you want to change your Minecraft Skin or want to edit the same skin even if you’re looking for the best place to download the Minecraft Skin. You’ll find the complete guide here to change the Minecraft Skin along with the additional information which gonna make you better player.

Minecraft comes with pretty decent default skin of Steve and Alex. While Steve and Alex may look nice and you may not be much concerned with your character’s skin while beginning.

Getting your feet around the Minecraft world it becomes quite boring once you get the hold of things. What if you want your character to be a Knight in shining armor or a king, a doctor or a scientist?

Don’t you know that Minecraft allows being any character of your liking while playing it? Well if you don’t you are Minecraft noob buddy and you need to remove that tag. How? Just by changing your characters’ skin. Don’t know how to that? Don’t worry, you have reached the right place and we have got you covered.

Guide To Change Change Minecraft Skin
Guide To Change Change Minecraft Skin

Even if you are not a newbie and plying it for a while but pretty fed up of playing with same old boring default skin of Steve and Alex this article is for you. In this detailed guide on how to change the Minecraft skin, we are going to provide you with all the information and methods you need to know to change your character’s skin. So sit tight and read this article word for word.

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Change Minecraft Skin PC

If you are playing the PC edition of Minecraft on your desktop and want to change the skin then this section is for you. Minecraft has evolved over the years and its developers are making it quite easy for the players to change the skin. Depending upon your choice there are two very simple methods you can follow-

  • You can simply choose a skin from the built-in-skin chooser feature in the game.
  • You can download one out of millions readily available over the internet.

Method 1: Changing the skin using the built-in skin chooser feature

This method is the simplest of the two. Minecraft has made it quite easy to quickly change the skin by selecting any pre featured skins through the newly added skin-chooser feature. You just have to click the coat hanger button just below your character on the main screen. This will open the skin chooser window from where you can preview and select the pre featured in-game skins. But here is the catch, not all the pre featured skins are free, some you have to purchase through Minecraft coins. The one locked are marked with a white lock icon. Once you have decided which skin you want simply tap on it and click confirm and your character will change to its new look.

Method 2: Downloading the skin from the internet

This method is by far the best to change skin in Minecraft. Why? Well because of the number of options that you have.

You can find hundreds or maybe millions of Minecraft skins to choose for your character. Simply go to http://www.minecraftskins.com/   and select any skin of your liking and click the download button. This will save the skin on your pc.

# You can also search for any specific skin type through the search bar or look into the latest added skin through the latest and top button on the menu bar.

Upload the newly downloaded skin to your profile

Now you have to upload the downloaded skin to your profile. To do this, go to https://minecraft.net, click on the Profile tab and log in through your Mojang credentials. Once you have successfully logged in to your profile page click on the Browse button and search for the skin you have downloaded. Select the skin and click on the upload button, wait for a little for the confirmation and you are done.

Log in to Minecraft

You just have to log in to Minecraft on your desktop or if you were in the middle of the game just close it and open it once again. Your character will now appear in their shiny new skin you have uploaded.

Bonus Method: Creating your own customize Minecraft skins

This method is for the more creative ones. While one can always find unlimited pre-made skins on the internet, some player just doesn’t settle with any pre-made skin and want to dabble their hands in the making of their own custom skins for their Minecraft character. This can easily be done through many available skin editors over the internet. MCSkinner and Minecraftskinedit are two of our favorite editors.

Alternatively, you can edit the steve.png file manually through any image editor software like paint or Photoshop. You just have to make sure that the image should of the same size as the steve.png file.

Caution: keep the background of the image or say the unused pixels completely transparent as it may result in Minecraft not recognizing the skin in the way you intended.

After creating the skin you still have to upload the .png file to your profile page on https://minecraft.net. Once uploaded you can start Minecraft and enjoy the new skin you have created.

Change Minecraft Skin Xbox and PlayStation

Open the Minecraft game from the console’s library and click on the Help & options button. Another window will open and you have to click on the change skin button.

It will open the skin pack page. Scroll up and down and chose any skin pack of your liking and click on it.

Once you have selected the skin pack scroll left and right to choose the skin. Not all the skins are free, if you see a lock icon it means they are the premium skins and you have to purchase them before using.

Now you just have to press the A key for Xbox or X key for Playstation.  When done, your selected skin will become your default character’s skin.

For Pocket Edition

To change skin in Minecraft PE edition you have to download the skin from skindex website   http://www.minecraftskins.com/ on your mobile.

Open the Minecraft PE and click on the coat hanger button on the lower right side of the screen just below your main character.

This will open the pre-installed skin window. From their click on the choose new skin button. You will find it on the upper right side of the screen under the custom screen tab.

Select the skin you have downloaded from the dialogue box and also select the skin model from the pop-up window.

Just click confirm and your new skin will become the default skin for the character you have chosen. Enjoy.

Best Resources For Your Minecraft Skin Customization

Confused while picking up the right site for minecraft skin customisation? below you’ll find the best websites to download the Minecraft skins, best minecraft skin editor and right forum for the minecraft skins.

Top websites to find and download Minecraft Skins

Some of the well-known sites to find and download Minecraft skins include Minecraftskins.com, NameMC.com, and MCSkinsearch. All these sites contain millions of skins ready to be downloaded with skin preview and screenshots options.

Best Minecraft Skin editor

While there certainly are many editors available on the internet which you can use to edit and create your own Minecraft skin, MCSkinner and Minecraftskinedit are two best editors available. These are easy to use and are designed keeping in mind both the beginners as well as advanced users.

Minecraft Skins Forum

Minecraft Skins forum is another great place where Minecraft players regularly share skins they have created. If you have a great idea about the skin but lack the creativity to create on your own you can always request the community members to help you through and someone will definitely do the job for you.


  • Can’t see my new skin in multiplayer?

If you can’t see your new skin in multiplayer or are unable to change the skin, this could be due skin server temporarily down. You can check this by visiting the help.mojang.com. Refresh the page by simply logging out and then log in again. If you notice everyone’s skin is showing as default then the server could be running in offline mode.

  • Skin not changed even after uploading the new skin

Skin change in Minecraft depends upon the version you are playing. In version 1.7.9 or above it should happen immediately after uploading the new skin. It takes roughly an hour in version 1.7.8 and below for any skin change to take effect.

Also, you should keep in mind that any skin change will not show up if you were in the middle of the game even after uploading the new skin. You should first close the game and reopen it to see the new changed skin.

Final Words

A little bit of imagination, a pinch of creativity and some help (which by the way, we got covered through this article) is all you need change the skin of your Minecraft character to whatever fancy you, be it a medieval knight, a scientist or a doctor, or to shed the Minecraft noob tag and stand in the line of pro Minecrafters. Just follow any of the above-mentioned methods depending upon your game’s edition and flaunt your character’s new skin to the other fellow players.


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